Fickle Walls: New Online Marketplace For Pre-Loved Art

Fickle Walls: New Online Marketplace For Pre-Loved Art

Weekender Singapore·2016-05-10 00:00

Buy and sell pre-loved art on this easy to use online marketplace

Art just got a lot more affordable with Fickle Walls, an online marketplace where art lovers and collectors can buy and sell pre-loved art.

The gallery features a range of original and limited edition works, including pieces from Peh Eng Seng who is widely regarded as Singapore’s best watercolourist.

The curated pieces are put up for sale by various art lovers and prices range from $100 to $5000. The website aims to make it easier for collectors to sell pieces that they’ve outgrown and helps them to make space for new art.

Chinatown by Peh Eng Seng.

It’s good to be fickle

Yuen Yee Foong, the founder of Fickle Walls, stated that she was inspired to create the website after talking to like-minded art enthusiasts who often change their minds about pieces and need an easy and accessible way to sell their art. “But other than generic online marketplaces, flea markets and second-hand furniture shops, there is hardly any platform in Singapore that specialises in pre-loved art, especially those in the low to mid-price range. And that is how Fickle Walls came to be,” she shared.

‘Untitled’ by Bui Huu Hung.

Shop with ease of mind

All art pieces put up for sale are curated and reviewed for description, condition, photo quality and provenance (if any). This is to provide potential buyers with an informed buying experience and assurance.

Purchased items are delivered directly to the buyer who has three days to make up their mind about the piece. Sellers are charged a commission of between 10 to 20 per cent for every piece sold.

The current collection is mostly centred on paintings by Southeast Asian artists, although, over time, the store is keen to include artists from around the world as well as photography and sculptures. “Fickle Walls may be a little finicky about the art it sells but it is all about making original art easy to sell and affordable to own,” says Yee Foong.

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