IKEA Is Running A Flatlay Contest And The Weekender Team Got Really Into It

IKEA Is Running A Flatlay Contest And The Weekender Team Got Really Into It

Weekender Singapore·2016-04-15 00:00

Your #desksituation may snag you a $100 gift card

IKEA has launched the “Arrange It To Win It” contest, where participants have to arrange some of their messy items at home as neatly as possible and take a photo of them from top-down.

The most creative entries submitted to IKEA’s Facebook post by Apr 17 will win a $100 IKEA gift card.

When the Weekender team got wind of this contest, we launched into full-on flatlay mode.

Our Art Director, Sabrina, made it a point to include her entire banana collection – possibly to convey her feelings at the end of print week.

Green is in with our Human Resource Manager Grace. Hey, as long as that calculator keeps track of our numbers, it can be any colour of the rainbow.

“A messy table is the sign of a creative mind,” said our designer Zoe as she wiped down the dust on her adorable No Face and Totoro figurines. Perhaps that’s why the pages of our paper look so good.

Our digital writer Nicole offered a different kind of flatlay that shows off her love for #aesthetic and #TeamCap. She’s not excited, you’re excited.

Sugar, spice and everything nice – it’s a burst of colour for our Marketing Coordinator, Felicia. Didn’t you know that Unicorn Tears are scientifically proven to increase productivity by 300 per cent? Just ask Voldemort.

Simplicity is key for our Shopsavvy and Foodmania writer Samantha. Picture is for illustrative purposes only; real desk situation may vary by a few hundred products, press releases, notes and dried flowers.

Our Coordinator Riki may appear chill and zen while on the job, but she’s ready to rumble in style when the time calls for it.

It’s a pastel parade for our Head of Marketing Solutions Karin, and she’s got a big heart when it comes to the fine things in life.

Finally, our Entertainment and Travelation writer, Pamela, spent too long trying to distill souvenirs from her events and travels into a neat flatlay. Let’s just pretend she doesn’t have a hoarding problem.

IKEA’s “Arrange It To Win It” contest runs until Apr 17 on its Facebook post.


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