8 Events That Prove ArchiFest 2016 Will Be Kicka**

8 Events That Prove ArchiFest 2016 Will Be Kicka**

Weekender Singapore·2016-08-29 00:00

The design festival won’t be just for art snobs – here’s why

Photos: Courtesy of ArchiFest

You may not be into the world of art and architecture, but let’s face it – design is all around us, and we are reliant on it to function every day.

If that sounds superlative or dramatised, ArchiFest is here to prove you wrong. This year, the architecture festival – which runs from 23 Sep-9 Oct – is upping its game with a timetable of activities not just for geeks of the trade, but also for the general public – from kids to foodies.

Here are eight cool events you have to check out that will flip your perspective on the world of architecture.

1. How to Take Kicka** Architectural Photos on IG

When: 2 Oct, 4.30pm-5.00pm Cost: Free

Have you seen those beautiful #aesthetic photos of buildings on Instagram and wish you could take them too? Learn from Instagrammer Yafiq Yusman, known for his striking snapshots of Singapore’s diverse population and architecture, taken from unique perspectives.

After attending this crash course to hear Yusman’s experience, we can all become Insta-gurus. (Disclaimer: Your mileage may vary.)

2. Architours

When: Various timings Cost: TBA

A signature programme of ArchiFest, Architours is a series of guided tours that will give participants an exclusive introduction to unique architecture in our city, from common spaces to innovative private homes.

Meet the architects and architecture associates and learn how they employed design strategies to execute their award-winning hidden gems in Singapore.

Registration is required for this event here.

3. ArKIDtecture Children Workshop

When: 7 Oct, 2.30pm-4.30pm (Children’s Day Special); 8 Oct, 9.30am-11.30am Cost: Free

“ArKIDecture X Exhale” is a session that encourages parents and children to flex their imagination and create their very own orchestra instruments inspired by the our urban and natural environment – including the pace, rhythm and tempo of Singapore City.

This workshop is open to children aged six to 12 years old. Registration is required for this event here.

4. ArchiFest X Barter Market

When: 9 Oct, 2pm-6pm Cost: Free

Share your love and pride for all things home-grown at this market that features local makers and craftsmen.

But don’t bring your wallet. Here’s a twist: no money exchanges are accepted in this market. Instead, bring your own items (or skills!) for trade and enjoy the good vibes all around. Carousell’s “Can trade?” users will love this one.

Photo: Sky Greens

5. SG Farm

When: 23 Sep-9 Oct, 9am-7pm Cost: Free

How would a farm in the city, or city farming, look like? What would this mean for our local food system, in terms of rejuvenating the community?

For ArchiFest, Tanah has sought out citizens’ imaginations to realise this pop-up farm, where you are invited to till the land.

If you’re interested to find out more, join the free talk on 9 Oct from 10.30am-11.30am.

6. Books & Beers

When: 24 Sep, 3pm-6pm Cost: Free

Get ready for some literary intoxication at Singapore’s first travelling book swap, conjured out of a love for books and drinks. The rules of the book swap are simple: Bring up to 10 pre-loved books, and swap’em all out for a different set to bring home.

All genres of books are welcome. Come, browse and find some gems – and beer, of course.

7. Elevate

When: 24-30 Sep, 9am-7pm Cost: Free

A session for those seeking refuge from distractions of the outside world, Elevate allows you to experimenting with virtual reality, binaural beats, ambient sounds and soundscapes to explore themes of inner peace and revelations – only if you allow it to. Get ready for deep relaxation and calm.

8. #FlipTable

When: 23 & 27 Sep, 3 Oct; 11.30am-2pm Cost: Free

For those who are no strangers to workplace stress, this installation is a nice treat for you. Set against the backdrop of Raffles Place – the commercial bastion of Singapore’s productivity culture – #FlipTable is an interactive installation that welcomes you to vent your stresses through a creative and constructive outlet.

Join the conversation on harnessing this negative energy in a more positive and creative form.


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