Murder at Loyang: Husband kills wife and runs away!

Murder at Loyang: Husband kills wife and runs away!

TheRedDotNews·2017-10-27 17:16

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Krishnan Raju, 50, was arrested this morning (27 Oct) for the murder of Raithena Vaithena Samy, 44, at Loyang Gardens. They were husband and wife.

Early this morning, the police had received a call for assistance at about 12:12am. The paramedics had pronounced the victim dead at the scene after arriving to find her lying motionless on the floor of a bedroom in her flat.

Neighbours reported that they had often heard the couple quarreling at home. The frequent quarrels started two years ago. It was often the victim shouting at her husband and the fights happened almost on schedule, every morning and night.

The husband had ran away after murdering his wife. He had successfully entered Malaysia via the Causeway earlier.

However, he later had a change of heart and returned to Singapore shortly after. He surrendered himself to the police the same morning of the murder.

He was arrested at the Woodlands Checkpoint.

The case has been classified as a murder and the police is still conducting an investigation into it.

(Image Credit: Google Maps screengrab, The Online Citizen)

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henry heng 29/10/2017

In the spur of anger which created such tragedy RIP for his wife.


Chee Han Keong 28/10/2017

see modernized sg molest,pervert,scam,murder on the rise,,


Fengying 28/10/2017

Sad a life is gone If can’t get along can divorce or separate one party need cool down


Ng Soon Heng reply Fengying 30/10/2017

sad? she could have avoided such tragedy by keeping her mouth shut, right? she deserved it. brave Indian man won't be hanged and I think he will find solace and peace of mind in prison.


Fengying reply Ng Soon Heng 31/10/2017

Yes I agreed with u he may not hang he will regret for what he did to his love one


dai fangxiang 28/10/2017

why has to do this.if cannot get together.just let go


Ng Soon Heng 28/10/2017

wife was the big bully. after two years of shouting, husband silenced her. sound logic, right? hope husband is lucky and is able to meet a judge who is in very very good mood on judgement day.


Lee Yuen reply Ng Soon Heng 28/10/2017

killing is not justified. one can just leave the family and live happily alone.


Armagedon Chan reply Lee Yuen 28/10/2017

he he. U never try U never know.😶


Lee Yuen reply Armagedon Chan 28/10/2017

a weak person always find excuses.


#/## reply Ng Soon Heng 28/10/2017

Testing his tolerance to the maximum.


Fengying reply #/## 29/10/2017

Yes quarrel got no good words but murder is too brutal kill your wife u pay for your life not worth it