SCDF steps up fire safety checks during festive period

SCDF steps up fire safety checks during festive period

Yahoo Singapore·2017-12-12 18:13

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) is stepping up its fire safety checks at various commercial premises for the festive period.

In an enforcement operation conducted last Friday (8 December), SCDF officers inspected two shopping malls and five public entertainment outlets. They detected fire safety violations such as non-functioning exit lights, and obstruction to common passageways and exit doors.

Such violations pose fire risks and would impede the safe evacuation of people during an emergency, an SCDF spokesman said in a media release on Tuesday (12 December).

“As the number of patrons and customers is usually higher during the festive season, SCDF would like to remind the owners and management of public buildings and places of recreation/entertainment including hotels and shopping centres to ensure compliance to all fire safety requirements,” the SCDF spokesman added.


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