Driverless van in Ang Mo Kio reverses & hits 2 motorcycles

Driverless van in Ang Mo Kio reverses & hits 2 motorcycles

Mothership.SG·2017-12-13 06:50

You’ve probably heard enough local ghost stories relating to  or the .

But have you heard of a ghost driving a van?

The following garnered over 500 shares on community Facebook page,

The white van was seen reversing at a car park and as a result, crashed towards a couple of parked motorcycles.

The accident happened at Block 440 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 around 5.30pm on Dec. 8.

Who’s driving?

The most shocking part of this video isn’t the auntie who was unfazed by what had happened in front of her.

It is actually the fact that no one was driving the van.

Here’s a screenshot to prove it:

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Not set to parking mode

While this incident (sadly) had nothing to do with the supernatural or any automated driverless vehicle test drive, it is believed the van could have reversed because it was not set to parking mode.

Responsible driver

While the driver could have fled from the scene and avoided the responsibility of hitting the two motorcycles, he didn’t.

A Facebook comment in the post claimed that one of the affected motorcycles belonged to him and mentioned that the driver had left his contact details on the motorcycle.


“Thankyou & Mr Jenson Ng. Happen to be my bike that knock down by the van. Fortunately the driver leave down his contact number n admitted his mistake. Bike is now In workshop waiting for further investigation.”

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