Amos Yee argues for the legalization of pedophilia

Amos Yee argues for the legalization of pedophilia

Alvinology·2017-12-14 00:05

Amos Yee has wasted no time adjusting to the liberty he enjoys in the United States, thanks to his recent YouTube videos and interviews. In a new video posted on YouTube, he gamely tackles pedophilia, and argues that it should be legalised.

In case you missed it, he was granted asylum in the United States of America earlier this year after spending ten months in jail. He is currently living with a generous person in Minnesota who also takes in foster children. He does not have to pay rent or utility bills, he gets a room of his own, privacy and a good internet connection. According one of his Facebook posts, all he has to worry about is food, which costs around $400 to $600 a month.

His YouTube video discussing pedophilia has been taken down and his Twitter account has also been suspended because he shared the video there.  He then makes a video calling out the commenters who heaped negative reactions, threats and other violent reactions to his video.


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