‘Soft’ punishment for man who knocked into car belonging to wife’s boyfriend

‘Soft’ punishment for man who knocked into car belonging to wife’s boyfriend

TheMerlionPost·2017-12-13 21:10

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A 44-year-old man by the name of Teo Chang Heng had pleaded guilty to ramming into a car driven by Mr Chin Loi Ping, 37, on 19 August 2016 along Boon Lay Way. The “accident” had cost Mr Chin damages worth S$2,980.

Teo’s anger had gotten the better of him, when he saw his estranged wife’s car being driven by her boyfriend. Teo had rear-ended, side-swiped and bumped into the boot of the vehicle. This, prosecutors claimed, crossed the line of a jail sentence.

Said Justice See Kee Oon, “While I do not condone Teo’s inexcusable conduct, labelling a particular case as a case of road rage should not be a convenient heuristic to justify a decision to impose a custodial sentence.”

Nonetheless, a second charge of side-swiping Mr Chin’s car and causing injury unto the latter was considered during sentencing. Teo’s lawyer, David Nayar, claimed that Teo was confused and frustrated when he knocked into Mr Chin’s car.

According to the district judge, Teo had demonstrated compelling remorse by promptly alerting the police to the scene and settling the car damage bill on the spot. This, the district judge said, justified the community-based sentence.

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