​We match each of your colleagues to a Body Shop Christmas gift to make your life easier

​We match each of your colleagues to a Body Shop Christmas gift to make your life easier

Mothership.SG·2017-12-17 01:45

The weather is rainy, “Jingle bells” starts playing in stores, Orchard Road is lit, and so are your group chats.

It’s that time of the year where you fret over complex Christmas plans and headache-inducing gift-buying. And the most difficult people to get presents for? Your colleagues.

Although you see them every day, those cordial exchanges aren’t enough for you to get them a gift you think they’ll really like.

And we all want to be well-liked in the office, don’t we?

Fret no more. Here’s a bunch of body and skin care gifts you can get for them that are both useful and super presentable.

Vanilla Chai Festive Tin

For: The hipster colleague

This is for the hipster colleague who waltzes into the office with a cup of chai latte every morning. If ingesting Chai on a daily basis is not enough, this Vanilla Chai gift set is sure to have the colleague radiate the spiced beverage 24/7. The products are also encased in a large Christmas ornament, which is an unconventional packaging that’ll get a nod of approval from your cool coworker.

Also comes in Frosted Berries and Frosted Plum.

Fuji Green Tea Treats

For: The affable intern

Show some love to your eager intern with the body care treat set. Doubling as a dice, it also comes with an outstanding packaging that can be used for games. Just remember to tell him/her to remove the products before using the dice.

Also comes in Strawberry, Shea, Satsuma, British Rose, and Almond Milk and Honey.

Kings and Gentlemen’s White Musk Fragrance Kit  

For: The (male) boss you love (but not in that way)

If you’re looking to impress your boss, get the Gentlemen’s White Musk Fragrance kit for him. It’s a good way to show your appreciation by splurging a little. The mini Spot-the-difference game on the tin also shows that you’re not just all serious business when it comes to gift-buying. Win-win situation for the both of you.

British Rose Festive Picks

For: The (female) boss you love

Flowers are overrated, and (sometimes) a little impractical. Gift your boss products made from roses instead. This way, she gets to enjoy the floral scent without having to deal with a dead bouquet in the next few days. This rabbit’s maze game hidden inside also serves as a great surprise.

Also comes in Olive, Strawberry, Satsuma, and Shea.

Shea Body Travel Bag

For: The wanderlust colleague

You know that colleague who seems to have an endless supply of annual leave and is always going on vacation? This travel bag would definitely come in handy for him/her. Besides the compact shower and lotion set, the travel bag also comes with a cute card game that’s something like a cross between Charades and Heads Up — perfect for the fun-loving coworker.

Also comes in Almond milk and Honey, Strawberry, Satsuma, Shea, Fuji Green Tea, and Olive.

Oils Of Life Skincare Collection

For: The hardworking colleague who always works overtime

Those late nights in the office are sure to take a toll on this poor coworker’s complexion. Give this co-worker a treat with the Oils of Life skincare collection. The products contain three precious seed oils from around the world, which will give your colleague a much-needed body and skin boost.

This is just the brink of what’s available this Christmas from The Body Shop. Seriously, there are so many festive gift sets that you can probably settle gifts for all your colleagues here.

And we all need to bathe, right? Yes, we do. There you go.

This sponsored post in collaboration with The Body Shop saves Mothership.sg’s writers the pain of thinking what to buy for our colleagues this Christmas.


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