Don Don Donki in S’pore sells Tenga sex toys for men & women

Don Don Donki in S’pore sells Tenga sex toys for men & women

Mothership.SG·2017-12-17 02:10

Don Don Donki in Singapore its doors on Dec. 1, 2017 to massive crowds.

The 24-hour Japanese discount store occupying Basement 1 and 2 of Orchard Central will be open seven days a week.

Among the wide variety of goods imported from Japan is the Tenga brand of sex toys originally made for men, but has since widened its range for women too:

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What is Tenga famous for?

The Tenga brand of adult toys is well-known for its plain design and functionality.

Its nondescript style that focuses on delivering quality has earned it the reputation as the “Apple of the sex toy industry”.

The products are marketed by doing away with the usual vulgar sexual imagery typically found on adult gadgets.

The company’s founding philosophy is for its products to not replace the genuine human sexual experience, but still serving a purpose. And also to make it more convenient and palatable for bashful customers to purchase.

In 2012, its high-quality product even won a design award in Germany.

What’s on offer

Prices for Tenga gadgets start from less than S$10.

Arguably its most famous product is the vacuum cup, a manual, disposable, one-time usage receptacle for men:

There is no need to go into the , but different colors signify the different strengths of stimuli. For example, red is standard, white is soft and black is hard.

For the less observant, these products look just like deodorant.


The range of Tenga products on display is impressive, to say the least.

Don Don Donki even carries the Tenga 3D series, the product that won the design award in 2012.

As these products are openly sold and readily available on the shelves, we shan’t ruin the surprise by revealing more when you can easily walk into them during your next Don Don Donki visit — and experience for yourself the corresponding Japanese cultural quirks.


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