llaollao & Yole throw shade at each other as frozen yogurt war intensifies

llaollao & Yole throw shade at each other as frozen yogurt war intensifies

Mothership.SG·2017-12-17 05:10

A frozen yogurt war is breaking out in Singapore.

And it is evident that the competition for the limited consumer dollars dedicated to froyo is heating up.

Veteran llaollao and newcomer Yole are officially having a go at each other.

llaollao menu “exhausted”

In one corner is the newly-established Yole, which kicked off operations on Dec. 9, 2017, by taking over all the existing 29 llaollao stores and remaking them.

It is started by D+1 Holding, the former master franchisee of llaollao in Singapore.

In a to Marketing magazine, a D+1 Holdings spokesperson explained the break with llaollao, by saying the llaollao menu was “exhausted after three years” of being in the business.

Yole, on the other hand, is looking to bring a much wider menu with a larger variety of products that emphasises on innovation and quality.

This is done by introducing new flavours on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, alongside a wide selection of toppings.

The Yole spokesperson was quoted as saying: “Objectively, we believe Yole is a better product and has a wider menu. We also firmly believe that Yole will suit the Singapore market with exciting flavour innovations and well-known toppings from Spain and Italy.”

Yole a “completely new brand”

Not to be outdone, Pedro Espinosa, founder and CEO of llaollao, did not mince his words.

He went as far as to say that Yole is a new entity that does not originate from Europe.

According to Marketing magazine, Espinosa : “As the leading frozen yogurt company, we know very well this industry and the companies that are operating. Given our expertise, we can state that Yole Frozen Yogurt is a completely new brand in this sector.”

Besides the assurance that llaollao will be back in Singapore, Espinosa said quality of its products have constantly improved.

Espinosa was also quoted as saying: “For this reason, it is very important for us to untie llaollao from any other frozen yogurt brand whose quality standards are unknown.”

In a Facebook post on Dec. 12, llaollao had themselves from Yole.

The post had first mentioned that Yole “does not exist in Europe”.

At present, llaollao is looking for new locations in Singapore to re-open.

The goal is to be operational in the first quarter of 2018.

Espinosa said the company owes its Singapore customers an explanation for llaollao’s sudden disappearance after four years operating in the Singapore market.

Singapore consumers will definitely be happy to hear more from both sides and what resulted in this acrimonious split.


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