Body Shop gift ideas, explained to other cavemen

Body Shop gift ideas, explained to other cavemen

Mothership.SG·2017-12-17 20:55

Singaporean men who only use shampoo, body wash, and cleanser, listen up.

Shower and skincare products will never be your forte.

But after reading this FAQ, go forth and buy some of these things for your friends and gift them with sincerity this festive season because you shall now know your musk from your Eau De Toilette.

1. White Musk For Men Fragrance Kit

What is this for? Nothing screams panache like “White Musk: Fragrance Kit for Kings & Gentlemen”. Suitable for friends with or without panache. Also allows you to exclaim you bought a kingly gift without lying through your teeth.

What on earth is White Musk? Google said that it is “a sensual mix of rose, jasmine, amber and wood.” Trust Google.

Does it smell? “Eau De Toilette” means “cologne”. Don’t spray this on your face.

You mean there’s such a thing as a hair and body wash? Yes, bath science has come a long way since the days of using one bar of soap from head to toe.

2. Oils of LifeTM Skincare Collection

Oils… of Life? It’s an oil and cream combo that gives your skin new life. “Creams of Life” would just sounds wrong, but nice.

But seriously, what’s Oils of Life and what’s in it? Different oils cold-pressed from seeds from Chile, China, and Egypt. All meant to feed your face. 

Apply cream first, or oil first? After trying this in various combinations, definitely apply the cream daily, and oil only when necessary. Don’t dress your face like a salad.

 Is this for… men? It can be. But your girlfriend would be happier if it’s for her.

3. Fuji Green TeaTM Body Care Collection

Konichiwa? This Fuji Green Tea Collection contains green tea extract from Japan. If the only Japanese words you know are Konichiwa and Arigato, don’t anyhowly use it on the Japanese. It can come across as condescending. #Lifehacks.

What’s in it? Body scrub, shower gel, body lotion, a soap bar and a luffa. Most men get away with just using soap…

Until they learn to pour some shower gel into a luffa and learn the real meaning of lathering. Then their life changes.

The soap seems kinda out of place. There will be that one giftee’s father who still lives resolutely in the age of “one bar of soap from head to toe”.

4. Hand Cream Trio Set

Do people in Singapore actually use hand creams? You must have never washed dishes in your life; or experienced the agony of a hung nail. Go say sorry to your mother right now.

How long do these last? Depends on how dry the hands are. Think of this set as a sampler; committing to a full-sized tube of Frosted Plum, Vanilla Chai and Frosted Berry may not be as straightforward.

But if you had to choose? Definitely Vanilla Chai. Hand-eating good.

This sponsored post is in collaboration with The Body Shop who helped this writer realise that body lotion is not the same thing as body wash and shouldn’t be used interchangeably.


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