2017: Decline of Singapore exceptionalism?

2017: Decline of Singapore exceptionalism?

The Independent·2017-12-18 01:45

There is just one way to sum up 2017: We are truly in the post-Lee Kuan Yew era. Almost all the significant events that have taken place point sadly to a decline in a perception that Singapore is in the hands of an exceptional leadership.

Before we get into the specific events to round up the year, pause and think about where we are right now.

With all due respect to the obviously talented and smart 4G leaders who are waiting in the wings to be the next Prime Minister, I do not see any of them as being ready to take over any time soon.

They are all capable one-portfolio ministers, administrators, organisers and ground connectors propped up by a well-oiled grassroots network and supported by a strong and experienced civil service.

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