Creepy comments flood S’pore Poly Facebook post hitting on one of its graduates

Creepy comments flood S’pore Poly Facebook post hitting on one of its graduates

Mothership.SG·2017-12-18 12:10

A poignant, celebratory Facebook post by Singapore Polytechnic has taken a somewhat creepy turn.

Celebrate student’s achievement

A Dec. 15 by the school highlighted one of its students who attained a Diploma in Architecture, and who will go on to pursue a degree in Australia.

The purpose of the posting was to celebrate the achievements of the graduating student for excelling in the institution, as well as praising the hands-on curriculum the school has to offer for being a good fit.

Flood of come-ons

However, for some strange reason, this particular post began to be flooded with ardent come-ons from random men on Dec. 17, 2017.

In a series of comments left on the Singapore Polytechnic post, the come-ons range from the innocuous, “Hi” and “Hello”, to comments calling the young woman in the photo “cute”, “beautiful” and telling her “I love you”.


Naturally, the creepy comments drew the attention of other Facebook users.

One person, in particular, took it upon himself to troll those who left inappropriate comments:

Bobs and Vegana

For those on the post who understand the subcultural phenomenon that is happening, they made a reference to the “Bobs and Vegana” meme that has sprouted up recently.

In short: “Bobs and Vegana” are of words referring to a woman’s anatomy, which are associated with sexually explicit chat messages written in broken English.

They are usually derived from messages sent by individuals of a particular nationality and are couched as vulgar demands for women online to expose their bodies.

How did these come-ons come about?

There is no definitive explanation as to why a flood of inappropriate come-ons suddenly appear on a particular post.

But it is highly likely this particular Facebook post by Singapore Polytechnic was shared in a group chat or forum frequented by individuals who like to share photos and videos of women they find online.

So, this herd mentality and flood of messages stems from a source where a mass of these individuals congregate online.

As to why they would even bother to leave messages, that part is not entirely clear.

More subtext

Interestingly enough, one of the responses to the inappropriate come-ons is the posting of a photo of Ajit Pai.

Ajit Pai is an American attorney who serves as the Chairman of the United States Federal Communications Commission. He is the first Indian American to hold the office.

He has been in the news these past few days after the FCC voted to eliminate net neutrality rules.

That makes him public enemy number one in America right now.

The rumour, which has not been proven to be true, is that he tried to direct message the adult actress Mia Khalifa, but was turned down and she then shared the chat online.

But as with a lot of news coming out of or about the United States these days, this story is more likely than not fake news and a smear of Ajit Pai.

But it would be really hilarious if it were true.


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