S’pore-based British YouTuber quite accurately debunks foreigner misconceptions about S’pore

S’pore-based British YouTuber quite accurately debunks foreigner misconceptions about S’pore

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Sometimes it takes a foreigner to explain things about living in Singapore to a fellow foreigner. After all, they’ve gone through the experience of adjusting to our society themselves, and we haven’t.

Georgia Caney is a British citizen living and working in Singapore, and who has a side job as a YouTuber.

Over the past two-and-a-half-plus years she’s been here, she’s created a host of videos that aim to inform and educate foreigners about what it’s like to live and work in Singapore.

They’re not the easiest to get through — a lot of mostly her talking — but if you have the perseverance to sit through them, they can be quite useful.

These include:

: Caney and her partner Justin list the things they like and dislike about Singapore. They like our diverse cultures and warm weather, but aren’t too fond of how expensive fresh food is here, or housing costs.

: Caney does a guide for foreigners preparing to move to Singapore. She advises people to pack light, warns people about the air-con in the office, and tells people about our huge and sudden rainstorms. She also thinks our public transport is amazing.

: Caney reviews some favourite local snacks, like Cup Noodles, Milo, and Hello Panda biscuits.

: Caney answers some more questions that expats would have about Singapore. Unfortunately, a question she answered about finding a job here was twisted and led to online backlash.

She later released a talking about the harsh comments she received, and clarified that she was referring to people who had years of practical experience in their relevant field who were eventually picked over local applicants, even though they  did not have a degree.

In one of her recent clips, uploaded on Dec. 2, she outlines some common misconceptions that foreigners may have about Singapore. You can watch it below.

She’s been there, done that

Caney says she had some misconceptions of Singapore herself before her move.

“Before I moved here I definitely had some pre-conceived notions about Singapore, just things that I read online. Then I realised that a lot of these things that I heard weren’t necessarily true, and had kind of been twisted.”

However now that she’s lived and worked here, she knows better.

Her video does quite a good job of setting the record straight.

Since she’s a foreigner, she would know better than locals about what questions foreigners are likely to ask. Here are some of the highlights:

Is Singapore overly strict?

“I had somewhere heard that you couldn’t walk on grass, so I thought that if I walked on grass, I would get fined for it. Before I came to Singapore, I just thought I was going to get arrested for everything, so I was just very cautious, very careful…but it’s been very much the opposite, I haven’t had any issues here.”

Get fined for everything?

“I’ve always jaywalked, I’ve never been fined, let me know if you guys have ever experienced punishment for jaywalking. I see people doing it all the time.

You can get a $1000 fine for littering, which explains why Singapore is so clean, I’m not against this law at all.”

Is pornography really banned?

“Singapore is very big on censorship. Like I mentioned before, in the movies they will censor the sex scenes. I’m not too sure that the law needs to exist, but each to their own I guess.

Now this one is bizarre, apparently it’s illegal to walk around your house naked in Singapore. What? Apparently it’s because this is also considered a form of pornography I find this one very, very bizarre, I feel like it’s your house, you should be able to do what you want in your house. Also, how is anyone going to know? Unless you have a pervy neighbour who tells on you to the police.”

What do Singaporeans look like?

“A lot of foreigners don’t realise that Singaporeans can be Chinese, Indian, Malay, and others. It’s not like there’s just one typical Singaporean, and I think that’s something that I wasn’t aware of when I first moved here.”

Is Singapore a part of China?

“I have heard this a lot, let’s just get this straight. Singapore is not in China. Ok? It’s just not. Ok, moving on.”

Is homosexuality forbidden?

“(It) can definitely be shocking to Western people, and unfortunately it is still the case. Same-sex marriages are not acknowledged in Singapore. Now this is slightly changing, you’ll find that the newer generations here in Singapore are definitely more open-minded about LGBTQ rights.”

Caney also has some other useful tips for foreigners, like immersing yourself in Singaporean culture so you get the jokes and feel more included in things, or that public transport is amazing (her words) so you don’t need a car to get around.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Singapore

Caney’s  has a bunch of other interesting videos about Singaporean culture.

Caney has stated she wanted to do these videos to help first-time expats moving to Singapore assimilate better into the local culture and get used to all our quirks. She’s doing a good job.

Watch her video here:

Top image from Georgia Caney’s YouTube video.


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