How to tell if you phone has been hacked?!

How to tell if you phone has been hacked?!

KopiTalk·2017-12-23 04:50

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You're so wrong if you think that your smartphone won't be hacked. Here are some things that you should always lookout for.

Phone battery draining too fast

If it's a new phone and a unknown app is hacking into it, this is probably the first sign you will notice.

Phone restarts by itself

You know something is not right when your phone shuts down by itself. If this is not a wear and tear issue, it's definitely hacked..

Noises in the background during calls

You're chatting with your bff over the phone and suddenly you heard this weird echoes in the background. It sure sounds fishy right?

Phone gets 'fever'

You notice that your phone gets pretty warm even when you're not using it. Someone is tapping into it if it's not a hardware problem!

Try not to click onto unknown link or use unprotected WiFi in order to stay away from the hackers. In case you didn't know, they're capable of reading your messages and even track your location once you're being attacked.

(Image Credit/s: fossbytes)

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