Trick your phone into using less data to save money!

Trick your phone into using less data to save money!

KopiTalk·2017-12-23 07:10

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What happens when you run out of data? Your phone bill increases.. This is the toughest part of owning a smartphone to all of us I supposed. Follow these hacks and you won't have to cry every time you receive your phone bills anymore.

Turn off push notifications

Yeah there are some apps where the notifications are useful to you, keep them on but turn off all the other useless ones. They do eat up a lot of your data so turn it off already!

Turn off automated video play

The auto-play feature plays you videos automatically when you're scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feed. Why drain your data away for videos that you don't intend to watch?

Switch to mobile sites

Mobile sites tend to load images and videos faster without using too much of your data. So, instead of using an app to check out something, why not switch to its mobile site.

Disable auto-download feature

We all have that one friend or family member who loves to send pictures instead of a message on WhatsApp. Go to "Settings" > "Data and Storage Usage" and disable the auto download function.

Turn off WiFi assist

When the WiFi connection is bad, your iPhone will switch to your mobile data automatically with this feature on and this is bad for your wallet.. You thought you were using WiFi but the truth is, you're burning your pocket!

Try it to witness drastic reduction in your data usage.

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