Her taste for married men led to her death: man stabs ex-mistress to death before killing himself

Her taste for married men led to her death: man stabs ex-mistress to death before killing himself

TheRedDotNews·2017-12-19 21:11

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Ms Serinn Tan Bee Leng, 46, had a thing for married men. After she was confronted by the wife of her lover earlier this year, she broke up with him, only to promptly become the mistress of yet another married men.

However, it was her taste for such other women's husbands that led to her downfall.

Unable to handle being dumped by her for another married man, her former lover, Chng Hong Nam, 49, killed her before jumping off the block 520A at Tampines Central 8, where she was staying at.

She had met her murderer four years ago and became his mistress. They broke up soon after when his wife found out and confronted her.

She then decided to get involved with her supervisor at work, another married man.

However, while she had moved on, her former lover did not. After breaking up, he contacted her again, asking her to meet him.

It was that fateful meeting that ended in both their deaths. Chng had repeatedly stabbed her to death before killing himself.

Tan was found lying on her bed, with stab wounds, cuts and bruises on her body. She had died from a stab wound to her chest and two stab wounds to her stomach.

Her body was in a terrible condition when found. Not only was her arms so sliced up that her bones could be seen, her internal organs were also spilling out from the deep stab wounds on her body.

In court today, a last message Chng had left to his wife was read out. In the message, Chng apologised to his family and acknowledged the hurt he had caused his family. He admitted that he was not a good father.

Chng had texted the message to his wife before he jumped off the building and taken his own life.

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