68-year-old woman looking for biological parents

68-year-old woman looking for biological parents

CrimeLibrarySingapore·2017-12-24 15:50

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Mdm Sarah Bte Kassim, a housewife, has approached Crime Library (Singapore) branch at Jurong Spring Community Club on 9 July 2006 for help to locate her biological parents who she has not seen the last 67 years.

Mdm Sarah was born into a Chinese family but was given away to a Malay family. All that she knows is that she was brought up by her adopted father, Kassim Bin Kastam who was working as a gardener at Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Mdm Sarah’s only brother has passed away some years ago. With her adopted parents also passing on, she is now left all alone.

“I am always thinking about how my natural parents look like. Now that my children have all grown up, I have no other worries except this matter. Therefore, I have come to you to help me find them.”

According to her birth documents, her original name was Lim Ah Nah. She was given the name of Sarah when she was adopted.

Her biological parents are as follows:

Father: Lim Soon King

Mother: Tan Khim Seok

Her parents were staying at 34 Boon Teck Road when she was born in 1948.

"If a miracle can happen to Hayati, I want to believe that it can also happen to me. Please contact Crime Library at crimelibrary@gmail.com."

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