Earn money without having huge commitments!

Earn money without having huge commitments!

KopiTalk·2017-12-23 04:35

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Money can never be enough, especially for us Singaporeans. The standard of living is too high and so are our expenses. Are you hoping to earn some spare cash and secure your full time job at the same time? Here are some side jobs to let you earn money without commitments!


For those who own a car, why not be a GrabHitch driver and earn extra money while you're on your way to work? You can earn a minimum of $10 just by picking someone up while you're traveling to work or home. If you were to pick two person up everyday, you'll have additional $200 every month!


Try this out if you're always traveling in and out of Singapore! With this app, you're able to help local shoppers bring products from overseas back to Singapore. Once the price of the item has been negotiated between you and the shopper, all you have to do is to look out for the product overseas and deliver it to the buyer when you're back.


Do you have many items laying around untouched at home? If so, sell them away through Carousell. After all, one man's trash is another man's gem. You can sell things like clothes, shoes and electronics devices that are still in good working condition but do remember to give a slight markup to the selling price to avoid loses!

Online surveys

Taking part in online surveys can let you earn a minimum of $5 per survey. If you enjoy working alone, this is the best suggestion for you. Isn't it nice to work from home and earn money at the same time?

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