Hungover? No worries, we've got your back!

Hungover? No worries, we've got your back!

KopiTalk·2018-01-01 12:50

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People often say that December is the most wonderful time of the year with holidays like Christmas and New Year. However, it won't be all comfort and joy after the parties and when your hangover (been there done that) kicks in.. How do you feel alive again?

Stay hydrated

It's very common to suffer from dehydration after drinking alcohol for the entire night. Time to bottoms up, I mean with H2O this time round. You'll definitely feel better!

Have a good breakfast

Eating a nice breakfast is one of the well-known remedies to cure a hangover. Go get your favourite burger, chicken rice or even char kuey teow to maintain your blood sugar level.

Get plenty of sleep

Sometimes, the best way to get rid of hangover is to sleep it off. If you're not working, just laze in bed till evening and make sure you don't hit the bar again!


Those who have to work, coffee will be your best buddy to keep you awake and alert. Have a few cups of coffee to last you through the day.

Well, another other way to reduce hangover is to control your alcohol intake. Keep calm and have fun, partygoers!

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