Singapore Airlines warns of phishing scams offering free air tickets

Singapore Airlines warns of phishing scams offering free air tickets

Channel NewsAsia·2017-12-20 19:25

A Singapore Airlines flight takes off from Changi Airport. (File photo: Singapore Airlines)

SINGAPORE: Beware of emails, calls, messages, surveys and contests that claim to be from Singapore Airlines (SIA) and which offer free air tickets or credits, said the flag carrier on Wednesday (Dec 20). 

SIA said scammers have been using such methods to lure its customers into providing their personal data. To appear more authentic, some scammers modify their caller ID to imitate SIA's official telephone numbers.

"We advise customers to exercise discretion when revealing personal data and/or credit card details to unverified sources. These websites, emails, messages and calls should be verified if in doubt," said SIA in a Facebook post.

The airline also advised customers to be on the alert for phishing websites that appear similar to the official SIA website, and to exercise caution in sharing their personal details online.

SIA has issued at least four such advisories this year, It added that recipients who wish to verify these websites, emails, messages and calls can do so via a feedback page on its website or through the airline's social media channels. 


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