Amos Yee got laid. That doesn’t mean you will too

Amos Yee got laid. That doesn’t mean you will too

Yahoo Singapore·2017-12-22 19:50

Singaporeans can be so salty. When Amos Yee first posted on Facebook on 19th December that he had lost his virginity, it invited a barrage of comments. One person responded, “With a dog?” while another fumbled with a confusing metaphor in an attempted jibe at his views on paedophilia, saying, “Finally you are now a fucker. Time to upgrade yourself from a daughterfucker to a motherfucker.”

Anyway, when Amos then decided to bare his soul in a much longer post yesterday afternoon, in came comments of a different sort.

Basically, many expressed the sentiment that if Amos Yee can get laid and/or find a girlfriend, then anything is possible. Pigs can fly. Typhoons are actually filled with fairy dust. The Thomson Line will now be ready next week instead of in 2019. If Amos Yee can get a girlfriend, does that truly mean that there is hope for everyone else too? Well, not really.


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