A quick guide to Singapore’s regions and districts

A quick guide to Singapore’s regions and districts

Redbrick·2017-12-24 06:10

It is understandable that at times, one might actually be unsure of the terms ‘OCR’, ‘RCR’, ‘CCR’ or even wonder what the district numbers (e.g. District 9, 10, 11) actually mean. These terms can be found everywhere, be it in newspaper articles, property reports, websites or even in daily conversations. Perhaps you might be clueless with these real estate terms, but fret not, for this is what they actually mean.

Firstly, it is important to understand that CCR, OCR and RCR are terms that describe the different regions in Singapore. They are descriptions of the three main regions of Singapore, constituting of several districts within them, which in turn contains the various planning areas of Singapore – to put it simply, the various towns or streets of the country. As such, there are 3 main regions of Singapore, and about 28 main postal districts. These regions can be defined as follows:


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