Some in S’pore don’t buy durian. They pick them personally.

Some in S’pore don’t buy durian. They pick them personally.

Mothership.SG·2017-12-25 19:25

Whether you love it or hate it, durians are arguably Singapore’s national fruit.

I mean, we even have a building shaped after it (sort of).

anthonli via Flickr

However, the durians we eat are usually sourced from neighbouring countries like Thailand and Malaysia and can only be bought during certain times of the year since they are seasonal.

Locally picked durians

But durians can be picked in Singapore too.

via Facebook

via Facebook

Facebook community page for durian pickers

Fortunately, there’s a Facebook community page where people show off their locally-picked fruits and also to organise durian picking events with one another.

The community page is filled with avid durian lovers, even a chart was made to show the peak periods for durian picking.

via Singapore Durian Picking

Durian trees available almost everywhere

According to the members, you can find durian trees in various locations like Ang Mo Kio, Bukit Batok, and Yishun.

Just look at what fellow pickers got from Lim Chu Kang:

via Singapore Durian Picking

While these were found in Bukit Timah and Yishun:

via Singapore Durian Picking

What to look out for

If you’re keen on scavenging for durians, here’s a tip from a fellow durian picker: You don’t actually pick durians from trees, as only ripe durians will fall off from trees.

Also, don’t forget to wear covered shoes as durian trees can be located near tough terrains and to protect your feet from the falling thorny fruit.

And also, use a helmet.

Because who knows, the durian might pick you by falling on your head instead.

Top image via Singapore Durian Picking


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