Grab driver pleads guilty to causing car explosion in an attempt to kill himself

Grab driver pleads guilty to causing car explosion in an attempt to kill himself

Coconuts Singapore·2017-12-26 12:00

After a pretty decent period without train breakdowns, the Downtown Line had to step in and remind us all this morning that good things don’t last forever. At least folks can’t blame SMRT for this one though.

Repeat after me: Downtown Line is under SBS Transit, and not SMRT.

— D Shaffie (@RaistzD) December 21, 2017

SBS Transit made the announcement about delayed train services along the Downtown Line due to a train fault at 7:50am today, apologizing to commuters heading from Downtown station towards Expo station. Ten minutes of additional travel time, they said.

DTL svc from Downtown towards Expo is delayed to a train fault. Add 10mins to travel time. We are v sorry.

— SBS Transit (@SBSTransit_Ltd) December 20, 2017

But the thing is, commuting issues started way before that. Delayed train services affected commuters in other stations as well, according to the many angry tweets in response to the breakdown.

Waiting almost 9 mins for a train to Bukit Panjang on the downtown line and there’s been no delay announcement whatsoverer from Smrt?

— Jezebel (@jezzuhbelle) December 21, 2017

was on the downtown line for 1 hour and only managed to get from beauty world to newton +++ NO ANNOUNCEMENTS MADE

— jem ✨ (@pinkpigsfly_) December 21, 2017

Problem with Downtown line. Train stucked at Fort Canning station. #SMRT_Singapore

— William Tan (@73Giggsy) December 20, 2017

Others noted that DTL trains didn’t even go beyond Bugis station, with commuters had to alight there, whether they liked it or not. Apparently, no bridging bus services were provided.

What’s happening with downtown line? Asked to get out at Bugis but no free bus service to shuttle passengers to their destinations????

— Jessie Chaw (@ChawJessie) December 20, 2017

Those travelling by Downtown Line please note it will stop until Bugis Station Only. Currently the train is not moving at Beauty World Centre Station.

— Mimi Wan K (@Mimi_Covergal) December 20, 2017

Downtown line to Bugis only. Just one more stop to my interchange stop(Promenade). Now I have to make a big turn via Newton all the way to Dhoby just to get into circle line.

— Kai (@turnizam07) December 21, 2017

Full services resumed on the DTL around 8am, claimed SBS Transit.

DTL has resume full train svc. Once again, we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused.

— SBS Transit (@SBSTransit_Ltd) December 21, 2017


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