Man jailed and caned for obscene acts with young boys

Man jailed and caned for obscene acts with young boys

CrimeLibrarySingapore·2018-01-02 03:05

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For about two years, he used his expertise in a popular card game for sinister reasons: Young boys’ nude photos or videos and sexual favours.

Ten boys, aged 10 to 15, fell prey to Goh Jun Guan before his jig was up. When he was arrested, officers found 41 photos of male genitals and two photos depicting oral sex on his mobile phone.

Goh, 27, was sentenced to 12½ year’s jail and 15 strokes of the cane by a High Court on 30 charges, mainly for engaging in oral sex and obscene acts with a child.

Goh would often lurk around game shops in the western part of Singapore, offering to coach young players in Vanguard, a popular trading card game. He snagged one of his victims, 12, at one such shop in Jurong Point sometime in 2012. In return for training him in Vanguard, Goh wanted to remove the boy’s shorts and underwear and molest him.

It was not stated in court if the boy complied. But he later went to Goh’s house to play the card game. When Goh beat the boy in the game, he made him perform oral sex as a forfeit. The boy left the house after that and kept quiet about the incident out of shame.

After that incident, the boy refused to return to Goh’s house, although they continued to play the card game together. When the boy lost a second time, Goh made the boy follow him to a handicapped toilet at Pioneer Mall and persuaded the boy to perform oral sex on him.

One of his 10 victims was assisting the police with an unrelated investigation when he told an officer that he had been exchanging photos and videos of his genitals with someone on Facebook.

The police tracked Goh down to his Jurong West flat and arrested him. He told investigators that he realised he was sexually attracted to young boys at the age of 12, and found it difficult to stop thinking about them in a sexual way. Goh was also diagnosed with paedophilia disorder.

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