Ways to reject pushy sales people

Ways to reject pushy sales people

KopiTalk·2018-01-01 23:05

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Do yo feel awkward whenever a sales person approaches you and ask for a "five minute" chat? How many of you have trouble rejecting such pushy sales person? Learn how to say no and walk away with your money now!

"I'm still a student.."

This will work for people with baby face. Even if you're in office wear, you can tell them that you're just a student working as an intern and you simply can't afford it.

"Can you pay my medical bills if I'm allergy to it"

Yes, tell the sale person who smear skincare products on you that you might be allergic to their product and they won't bother you again!

"Not interested"

Say this firmly and they'll be speechless. Rude but pretty effective!

"I have this already"

Promoters will lose their interest if you already owned the product, they wouldn't want to waste their time explaining their product too so you can walk away without being rude.

"No thanks"

Rejecting these pushy sales people politely still works the best and you won't left them feeling like a pest too.

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