Jail and cane for man in violent chopper attack!

Jail and cane for man in violent chopper attack!

TheRedDotNews·2017-12-31 12:50

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Mohamad Afiq Mohamed Noor, 31, and John Kelvin Lee, 38, both odd-job workers, ambushed Mr Ho Hee Yang, 26, and assaulted him in front of a young child.

Afiq had rented a car from Mr Ho, who owns a car rental company, and then defaulted on the payment. Although it was agreed on that Afiq would pay $490 a week for the car, he ended up owing Mr Ho $210 later that month.

Despite being given a deadline, with the car being taken away if payment was not made, Afiq refused to pay. Mr Ho had to track down his vehicle using a GPS tracker installed in the car.

He traced the car to a place near 416B in Fernvale Road. By then, Afiq was waiting for him, with both Lee and his guarantor Siti Zubaydah Mohd Hamzah. He had called up Lee for "support" should there be a dispute between Mr Ho and himself.

After Afiq's guarantor had paid the money to Mr Ho, Lee ended up assaulting him. There was a young child nearby but both Afiq and Lee paid no heed to the child.

He started punching Mr Ho and rained blows on him. Afiq, who had a chopper on him, whipped out his weapon and slashed Mr Ho repeatedly. They did not stop their assault despite Mr Ho's repeated pleas. They deliberately kicked him in the head many times before leaving.

Lee had also robbed Mr Ho of a gold chain that was around Mr Ho's neck, snatching it from him during the assault.

Fortunately for Mr Ho, there were police officers in the vicinity and he managed to attract their attention. He was taken to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, where he was treated for his many injuries.

Lee was sentenced to 30 months and three weeks in jail, and three strokes of the cane.

Afiq's case is currently still pending.

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