2017 recap: what Singaporeans did that we would like to forget

2017 recap: what Singaporeans did that we would like to forget

TheRedDotNews·2017-12-31 16:30

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It's almost 2018. 2017 is drawing to an end in a matter of hours.

How should we say goodbye to this really eventful year? How about by remembering all embarrassing incidents that we would be glad to leave behind in 2017?

Bet you haven't seen them all yet!

Singaporeans fighting overseas

For all that we lambaste people from other countries (You know which ones), some Singaporeans can be dreadfully embarrassing when overseas too. Fighting at Guangzhou airport? Over what? Cutting queue?

Major facepalm right there.

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Passenger stealing taxi driver's money

Despicable? Shameless?

Words can hardly describe this man. He was a passenger in a taxi and he decided to steal the driver's money from his wallet. The worst part? He paid the driver with the money he stole.


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Having sex in a... carpark?!

So much for Singaporeans being reserved and frigid. This couple caught in the act at what seemed to be a multi-storey carpark proved otherwise.

Although, they could have chosen a cleaner location, just saying.

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Amos Yee... being himself

It was tough choosing which of his screw-ups to feature. In the end, we narrowed it down to him announcing that he was going to be homeless soon. It had the right amount of shamelessness that we long associated with him.

Of course, knowing that he was actually suffering the consequences of his own actions made this clip a winner of all his really 'interesting' clips.

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And aren't we all glad that we are finally rid of him? :)

Naked uncle in Tampines

This was SHOCKING. Naked man strolling around Tampines.

Then he boarded the bus. We cannot imagine just how awkward the other commuters on the bus felt.

Unfortunately, no video for this because... there are some things not worth sacrificing your eyes for.

Young men fighting at Clarke Quay

So rude. Scenes like this are probably quite common but it's not everyday it gets captured and shared like this clip here.

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Taxi uncle's road rage

Taxi uncles going into road rage mode often get us tsking away. This time, well, it seemed to be entirely justified.

Go uncle, stand up for yourself!

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Aunties having showdown at coffee shop

We all know that aunties are fierce but we didn't know they could be THIS FIERCE. This was one epic showdown at a Pasir Ris coffeeshop, complete with screamed vulgarities and angry violence.

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Hawker uncle dug his own grave

This Hawker uncle dug his own grave when he went FB live to show himself bullying a poor taxi uncle. He was rude, threatening and downright unpleasant. Of course, after the public backlash, he soon regretted his actions or words.

In all seriousness, if you want to act like a jerk, it's probably not a good idea to do it on FB live.

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Female and 'cute' ah long runner

Her biggest offence was probably her thinking that she's downright adorable. Seriously, who still pose like this in the time and age. Ugh.

Female ah long runner was caught pasting 'advertisements in public. Her response was to act cute and antagonise those taking a video of her. We could really do without the acting cute though.

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Army man stealing underwear!

He looked around to see if there were people first, before committing his act. However, he forgot to check for security cameras though, which ended up his downfall.

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Drunk man verbally abusing woman

We couldn't decide which was worse, this man being so aggressive towards the woman or people not stepping in to help. He was said to be drunk but that wasn't supposed to be an excuse for him.

You can still be a decent human being when drunk!

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The best video that you would like to forget?

Out of all the embarrassing things that Singaporeans have done in 2017, what do you think is the one you would like to forget the most?

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