Wedding angbao culture in S'pore

Wedding angbao culture in S'pore

KopiTalk·2018-02-04 19:10

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Wedding angbao is a form of blessing and it also help the newlyweds to cover their cost so make sure you give the appropriate amount when you got invited!

Traditional Chinese Wedding

Chinese usually held their wedding either in restaurants or hotels with 10 guests seated at each table. If each table costs $1,000, you're expected to give at least $100. Giving an amount ending with auspicious number '8' will be best recommended!

Traditional Indian Wedding

Indian weddings can last up to four days and guests are usually invited on the final day of the celebration. Do remember to avoid wearing inauspicious colours like black and white as their weddings are usually a vibrant affair. Unlike the Chinese, the auspicious number for Indians is '1' so prepare the right amount and place them in any envelope will do.

Traditional Malay Wedding

Depending on the venue and how close you are to the couple, monetary blessing can start anywhere from $20. It is not necessary to present them in a green packet, any ordinary envelope works fine too.

Church Wedding

Church wedding is a simple event without catering (sometimes) thus the cost is generally lesser than a wedding banquet. However, cheaper doesn't mean it's free, the cost usually go towards the florist or choir so the monetary gift normally range from $20 to $100.

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