My dad and mum, where are you?

My dad and mum, where are you?

CrimeLibrarySingapore·2018-01-13 16:40

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Ng Quee Hock Steven has no memories of his actual parents for he was given away for adoption to a Chinese family when he was just a baby. "I wish to know what happened to my mum and dad and if I had any brother or sister", he said.

He said he was given away to a large family, whose head was a land-owner. He came to know that he was an adopted child at the age of 12 when his adoptive mother did the formalities to get his identity card.

After he started to earn on his own and got married, troubling thoughts passed through his mind again and again about his actual parents.

He noted it would be tough on him and his wife if somehow their daughter happens to fall in love with a biological sibling without ever knowing their relationship and decide to get married. He said this has become a particularly pressing reason for him to look for his actual parents.

"Please help", he said. His adoptive father's name is Ng Cheng Soon; his adoptive mother's name is Lim Siew Hong.

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