24-hour attractions for the night owl

24-hour attractions for the night owl

KopiTalk·2018-01-14 22:05

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Tired of hanging out at the same old supper places with your friends? Here are a few 24/7 attractions you may not have heard of!

Futsal at The Cage

This indoor soccer arena near the sports hub is a great place to gather your football mates for a game. Besides soccer, you can also play cricket at any time of the day.

Mustafa Shopping Centre

Mustafa is well known for its electric range of products and a famous supper spot. No where to go in the middle of the night? Go check out this one-stop shopping centre that sells literally everything.

Hai Bin Prawning

An activity for you to unleash your inner fisherman and bond with your friends at the same time! Enjoy a sense of accomplishment and end your night with your freshly bbq prawns.


Physically and mentally drained from work? Pamper yourself with a relaxing spa session and allow both your mind and body to recharge!

Sentosa Boardwalk and Casino

Wouldn't it be nice to stroll through this beautiful boardwalk in the middle of the night with your date? If you're feeling lucky, you can also visit our first casino in Singapore.

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