Things to note if you lose your passport overseas (touchwood)

Things to note if you lose your passport overseas (touchwood)

KopiTalk·2018-01-14 19:10

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Over 7,000 passports were being stolen or lost every year. What should you do if you were to lose that little red book when you're traveling abroad? Will you be stuck in that foreign country forever?

1. Lodge a police report

Before leaving Singapore, it is recommended to take note of the address and opening hours of the nearest Singapore Embassy at your destination.

Lodge a police report immediately when you discover the loss of your passport as you'll need the report when you contact the Embassy.

2. Contact the Embassy

If the Embassy is closed, email them immediately and follow up with a call closely. Otherwise, travel to the nearest Embassy and be sure to bring your IC, police report and flight itinerary along for verification purpose.

With these documents, the Embassy will be able to furnish you with the Document of Identity for you to leave the country and re-enter Singapore.

3. Contact travel insurer

Contact your insurer to make a claim as soon as possible if your travel insurance covers the loss of passport. Many insurer provide 24-hour assistance and they can even help you to locate the nearest Embassy so make full use of the service.

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