Man molested boy 8 times in five weeks

Man molested boy 8 times in five weeks

CrimeLibrarySingapore·2018-01-14 15:05

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A man’s casual remark about the number of young people coming to the mosque led a religious teacher to discover the sexual abuses he committed against a boy while pretending to perform a religious ritual.

Rahim Basron, 43, who has a criminal history of sex offences against young boys, was sentenced to 20 years' preventive detention and eight strokes of the cane.

The victim, now 16, and who has a low IQ, testified that Rahim, then jobless, first befriended him. He met the man again in the mosque and took to calling him "abang", Malay for big brother.

During the school holidays, the boy tagged along with Rahim, who sold roti prata in the morning and otak in the afternoon and evening.

One day, during a break between the day's sales, the pair went to the boy's flat. His parents were not at home. There, Rahim told the boy he wanted to show him a cleansing ritual known as mandi hadas.

In the bathroom, the man bathed himself, then molested and sodomised the boy. The next month, Rahim again committed sex acts on the teen at the same place.

The victim did not tell anyone about the abuse. He said he was afraid of Rahim, who had punched him before for miscounting the day's takings.

He revealed the incidents only in April last year, when Mr Muhammad Firdaous and mosque volunteer Muhammad Yazid Umar, a police officer, went looking for him.

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