Marsiling molester jailed 6 years

Marsiling molester jailed 6 years

CrimeLibrarySingapore·2018-01-21 15:50

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Mohammed Ismail Ariffin molested six women that year, five of them in Marsiling. He pleaded guilty in the Subordinate Courts.

He had trailed the 32-year-old woman from a bus they had taken earlier, to Block 9, Marsiling Drive at about 9.30 pm. When she got off the lift at the 13th floor, he followed suit. He then followed her down the stairs.

When he exposed himself at the staircase landing between the 12th and 13th floors, the woman ran. But he chased her and told her that he had a knife.

He ordered her back to the staircase where he kissed her mouth and left armpit. He then masturbated in front of her. When the woman ran back to her flat, he pulled up his pants and went home.

A month later, he did it again. He trailed another woman from a market back to her block at Marsiling Lane. The 41-year-old woman took the lift while he sprinted up the stairs. As she walked out of the lift at the sixth floor, he pressed her left breast.

The woman screamed and ran. But even so, he managed to touch her buttocks twice. However, the woman's screams alerted her husband who came out of their flat. He chased after Mohammed Ismail but lost him near the next block.

But his luck ran out on May 13 when police raided his flat at Block 1, Marsiling Lane after a tip-off. After arresting him for molest, police also found controlled drugs in his flat.

In the Subordinate Courts, Mohammed Ismail also admitted to drug possession and consumption. He was jailed six years and will also receive six strokes of the cane.

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