How to stay online while travelling abroad?

How to stay online while travelling abroad?

KopiTalk·2018-01-21 14:40

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Staying connected to the internet is as important as eating and sleeping to many of us now. This applies to us even when we're travelling as we search for recommended dining places or even update our social media feed.

WiFi router

Renting a WiFi router from Changi Airport can let you enjoy unlimited data at a fixed pricing every day. The router cost $5 daily for travellers heading to Thailand or Taiwan and $12 for destinations such as Europe.

Overseas prepaid SIM card

As for those who doesn't like to carry an external device, purchasing a SIM card can be another alternative. However, be prepared to queue since most tourist will be crowding around the vendor to purchase a SIM card too.


StarHub users can consider getting a DataTravel plan when you're travelling to popular destinations such as Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia.


Travellers who are on the M1 Postpaid plan can try out the Data Passport. With a single fee, you're are able to use your local data from your mobile plan as you travel. Charges for it ranges from $10 for countries like Thailand, Hong Kong and Australia to $25 for Japan or China.


Singtel users can look at the DataRoam Unlimited Daily plan. Depending on your destinations, the price for it ranges from $19 to $29 daily.

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