Woman picks out rapist from a line-up of masked men

Woman picks out rapist from a line-up of masked men

CrimeLibrarySingapore·2018-01-22 01:35

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A rape cum robbery victim picked out her attacker from a police identification parade in which all the people were masked.

Each of the 10 men in the parade were told to cover their faces with pieces of cloth up to their noses because the victim only say half of her assailant's face, which was covered with a towel, during the attack.

Justice S. Rajendran sentenced him to seven years' jail and 12 strokes for the robbery and seven years' jail and three strokes for raping the victim. Both sentences are to run consecutively.

The High Court heard that Goh entered the flat by climbing through the front bedroom window, which faced the corridor, after he removed a padlock on the window grille.

With his face masked, he went to the master bedroom and saw the woman resting on her bed. Before she could do anything, Goh pounced on her and pointed his screwdriver at her right cheek.

He demanded to know where the woman had kept her money as he found only $15 in her purse. He then removed her gold chain and gold pendant.

Later, after Goh finished searching the room, he undressed the victim and raped her. Afterwards, he loosened the knot on the victim's hand and left the flat. Goh was arrested five months later.

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