Cheap and fun family-friendly activities in SG

Cheap and fun family-friendly activities in SG

KopiTalk·2018-01-13 17:05

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Dragging your kids to a crowded shopping mall will always be a bad idea.. Are you running out of places to take your kids to? Here are some family-friendly activities for families to enjoy without spending too much money!

Science Centre

A trip to the Science Centre can be really fun for both you and your kids with all the interactive exhibits. Your kids will definitely the huge water playground (Water Works) where they can shoot jets of water at different targets. From now till 18 March, explore and get behind the scene of circus!

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

If you and your kids are all obsessed with dinosaurs, this is the right place to go! Besides dinosaurs, there's also a huge collection of taxidermied animals. Get your tickets online before heading down to this interesting museum.

Animal shelter

I'm sure every kid loves animals but the zoo will cost you a bomb to visit as a family, take them to an animal shelter such as SPCA instead and they can get to interact with animals for free.

Pasar Malam

Pasar malam is a like cheaper version of the Universal Studios with exciting rides and games. Other than those fun activities, you can also treat yourself with a yummy Ramly burger.

Sentosa beach

A day at the beach is always fun to a kid. Take your kids to Sentosa beach and let them spend the entire afternoon building sandcastles or even bury you in the sand.

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