Take note: Watch out for these points if you get into an accident!

Take note: Watch out for these points if you get into an accident!

SG Gazette·2018-01-06 12:50

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Try as you might to stay safe while on the road, accidents can happen at the blink of an eye and there’s always a chance it could be your fault. Before you find yourselves caught between a rock and a hard place, stay prepared as a driver, passenger and pedestrian with these tips.

Before: Prepare an emergency kit

For drivers, these materials can save a life, be it a loved one or your own. While carrying important documents such as insurance information, vehicle registration and license sounds like common sense, other items to prepare may include the following:

- First aid kit

- Flashlight

- Seat belt cutter and window breaker (you’ll find options on sites like Amazon and Qoo10)

- An accident report form (or simply some pens and paper)

- Card to list some medical conditions and allergy

- A list of emergency contact numbers

- A second camera apart from your phone to take images with, if possible

These should fit in the glove compartment of your car, which would generally be easy to access. And even though accidents are few and far between, the knowledge of having these materials on standby would definitely be able to ease your anxiety when things go awry.

When an accident happens, stay calm

The worst thing to do in such a situation is to panic, so stay calm and take in the situation. 

Check if any parties (yourself included) are injured, and if so, do not hesitate to call 995 and 999.

Possibly move the vehicles involved

If able and parties are not injured, have the vehicles moved to the side of the road and away from the flow of traffic. If the vehicle is too damaged or anyone is injured, call 999 and 995 and do not move the vehicles.

Note down particulars

Take down the names, NRIC, contact details and insurance information of all involved parties, as well as the registration numbers of the vehicles. Witnesses to the accident should also leave their particulars for the authorities to contact should any need arise. 

If possible, take note of the date, time and location of the accident, as well as weather and road conditions.

If any parties involved refused to give the aforementioned information, they must make a police report within 24 hours of the accident. If not, they will be violating the Road Traffic Act.

Take photos

Document the scene in images even before the authorities arrive, so as to ensure everything is taken note of and can be used as possible evidence. If possible, ensure the license plate number of all involved vehicles is visible in the images.

Stay at the scene

The uninjured should stay at the scene until the authorities arrive. Involved parties will then be able to fill in the Singapore Accident Statement at the scene, as well as the Motor Accident Report Form by the General Insurance Association. You must make a police report for the following kinds of accidents:

- Involves a government vehicle

- Damage is made to a government property

- Involves a foreign vehicle

- Involves a pedestrian, cyclist or PMD user

- Is a hit-and-run case

- Involves injury requiring hospitalisation or at least three days of medical leave

If you are one of the injured parties and have been hospitalised, fill in the forms after you have been discharged.

Keep your cool

No matter what, do not argue with others involved. Even if the accident was not your fault, getting riled up would make it difficult to communicate with the other parties and take down their particulars. 

Everything can be resolved at a later date and time, best with the police’s involvement should the accident be particularly grave.

Don’t hit-and-run

Do not drive off after an accident! Hit-and-run is a crime in Singapore. Once you have left the scene without at least checking on the other party, it will be difficult to clear your name even if the situation is not your fault.

After: Assess vehicle damage

Upon checking the damage, you’ll need to contact your insurer. The easiest way to do so is to check if your insurer for your motor insurance is a member of Idac - accident reporting centres in Singapore appointed by certain insurance companies to support their clients in the case of an accident.

If your insurer is a member, call the hotline 1800 887 5151. Tow service will be free of charge within the day of the accident, and they will assess the damage of your car as well as create a report for your insurer of the necessary replacement parts.

If your insurer is not a member, the authorised workshop for the car will contact your insurer directly. Click here to check if your insurer is supported by the Idac.

Select the right workshop for your repairs

There are restrictions made to repairing your vehicles according to your motor insurance, so best to check the policy to see what they are, as well as the list of authorised workshops where you can send your damaged vehicle to.

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