Bobii Frutii Singapore – Bubble Tea Art In A Cup

Bobii Frutii Singapore – Bubble Tea Art In A Cup

Alainlicious·2018-01-06 17:05

Hailing from Taiwan and abundant in unique flavour options, the latest boba entrant Bobii Frutii has blossomed into Singapore owing to brand ambassador and creative director Nat Ho 鹤天赐.

What makes Bobii Frutii unique and distinctive is its catchy moniker and use of high-quality ingredients, as well as its visual appeal making it perfect for the Instagram pic — it’s like an art in a cup!

The way that Bobii Frutii beverages are prepared and served are also different from other traditional boba players. Made fresh for each customer from natural ingredients like butterfly pea extract, fresh milk and fruit juice, the brand’s amazing bobii drinks are fused with premium brown cane sugar and mochi-like boba specially imported from Taiwan.


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