Match made in hell: Couple claimed trial after being charged with maid abuse!

Match made in hell: Couple claimed trial after being charged with maid abuse!

TheRedDotNews·2018-01-08 20:23

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They were a couple utterly suited for each other, at least in their taste for abusing their maid.

Myanmar national Phyu Phyu Mar was subjected to a range of gruesome abuse and assault at the hands of her sadistic employers.

Linda Seah Lei Sie, 38, and her husband Lim Toon Leng, 43, were charged with abusing their maid at their Punggol Walk flat.

Lim faces one assault charge. He was heard to have punched the maid in her face twice.

Seah was heard to have abused her maid multiple times and faces six charges.

In court today, it was heard that Seah had beaten her maid several times, causing bruises and wounds. She had also pulled her maid's hair and shook her so hard until clumps of her hair were pulled out.

Seah was also heard to have forced Ms Phyu Phyu Mar to pour boiling water over herself, scalding her.

It was also alleged that the couple had forced Ms Phyu Phyu Mar to drink water that contained chemicals. Floor cleaner had been poured into it.

They had also forced Ms Phyu Phyu Mar to kowtow on the floor.

The couple's sadistic hobby was found out when Seah brought Ms Phyu Phyu Mar to Anew Me Beauty Aesthetic salon, which was owned by Lim but ran by Seah. Ms Phyu Phyu Mar was made to clean the place, dusting shelves and cleaning windows.

One of the then employees Lee Lee Yen, who had since left their employment, had noticed something wrong. In her testimony, Ms Lee had testified that she remembered Ms Phyu Phyu Mars being a cheerful and chubby girl.

A few months later, she noticed that Ms Phyu Phyu Mar had slimmed down a lot and had complained about hunger. When she passed Ms Phyu Phyu Mar some biscuits and drinks, they were all scarfed down hungrily, almost as if Ms Phyu Phyu Mar had been starved.

Less than a month later, Ms Lee noticed that Ms Phyu Phyu Mar was injured. She spotted a bruised and swollen left eye.

Concerned, Ms Lee asked Ms Phyu Phyu Mar about the injury. It was then Ms Phyu Phyu Mar showed her a worse injury on her shoulder. It was a scald mark that was caused by boiling water. Ms Phyu Phyu Mar told Ms Lee that it was Seah who made her pour the hot water on herself to cause the injury.

Horrified, Ms Lee notified the police the same day.

Both Seah and Lim had claimed trial for the charges, with their first day of trial being today.

If convicted, they would face a jail term of maximum three years and a fine of maximum $7,500.

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