Choked gully led to Tampines lift 'waterfall': Town council

Choked gully led to Tampines lift 'waterfall': Town council

Channel NewsAsia·2018-01-09 10:06

Screengrab from Josh Ng's video showing rainwater seeping into a lift at a Tampines car park. 

SINGAPORE: The "waterfall" seen at a lift in Block 492A Tampines Street 45 on Monday (Jan 8) was caused by a choked gully, the Tampines Town Council said. 

Responding to a media query, the town council confirmed that there had been an "overflow" of rainwater into the lift, which it described as "an unfortunate incident". 

A video posted by Tampines resident Josh Ng showed a rapid cascade of water from the top of the lift, which he said was stuck at the first level of the car park. He told Channel NewsAsia he had never seen anything like it in his 20 years of living in the neighbourhood. 

The town council was alerted to the event at about 9.50am, after which a team was activated and the lift was turned off. 

"The location of the incident is a multi-storey car park, where the top storey is unsheltered and built with a slight gradient to ensure water discharge to the drainage area," the town council said in its email.

"During our investigation, we noticed there were particles being washed and deposited at the trapped gully. This caused a choke at the gully leading to slow water flow out of the car park," it added. 

Due to the intense rain in the morning, the water level raised "above the car park gradient to the lift lobby" and into the lift.

The town council said it was "rectifying the issue" and assured that the lift would only resume operation once it was "certified safe".

"As the northeast monsoon prevails, we anticipate higher volume of rainfall over Singapore. Tampines Town Council has informed our conservancy team to check and ensure clearance of particles at all gully traps to enable sufficient water outflow," the statement read.


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