Should ICA officer get a pay raise?

Should ICA officer get a pay raise?

KopiTalk·2018-01-13 22:05

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ICA officers play a critical role in protecting Singapore’s borders. The government has been providing relevant courses for the officers recently to enhance their skills but will their salaries be adjusted?

With the new law, ICA officers are entrusted with duties such as carrying out searched and arresting suspected individuals before the police officers arrive at the scene.

In order to perform their new duties, ICA officers are expected to undergo special training which includes lessons in criminal law and community policing.

Did you know that a police sergeant with Higher Nitec, Nitec or GCE O-level qualifications would get $1,820 to $2,170 monthly while an ICA officer with the same rank and qualifications only draws an average of $1,670 to $1,880 per month?

Should they get a raise since they now have the same authority as a police officer? The Ministry of Home Affairs responded that their salaries would be reasonably remunerated.

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