Love potions for sale! Do you believe in them?

Love potions for sale! Do you believe in them?

TheRedDotNews·2018-01-11 12:11

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Valentine's Day is just next month. Are you planning anything?

For some, Valentine's Day is a day to make money. There are people on Carousell who are selling... love potions.

This love potion "master" claimed that his love potions are really effective, after having been blessed and chanted over for three months.

According to his description, many have tried and his love potions were always sold out in the end.

And he's not the only one...

There are others who are out looking to make a quick buck off Valentine's Day. Binding tie? It sounds like a Thai horror story.

For some, it seems that this selling of love potions is a serious business. Just look at the packaging! A+ for effort, for sure.

Other than love potions, a search of Carousell also turned up other dubious items. Gambling oil? It is actually more of a multi-purpose oil.

According to the description, it contains ashes from a dead woman who died during pregnancy, and other ingredients meant to help create attraction.

The oil is supposed to be used for: making the user appear attractive, helping the user become persuasive when talking to others, and also to improve gambling luck.

Would you try out any of these love potions?

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