Are the 70% daft?

Are the 70% daft?

The Independent·2018-01-15 17:05

by Augustine Low

It is said time and again that 70% of Singaporeans are daft or stupid – the 70% who invariably vote for the PAP. This daft label presumably comes from among the 30% who form the anti-PAP/pro-Opposition camp, probably out of anger or frustration, or a bit of both.

In reality, we can’t possibly paint with broad brush strokes and pin a damning label on such a big group. If people vote for the PAP for self-serving reasons, because they have done well and benefited from the system, can we really say they are daft?

There are those who, while not exactly endowed with riches, are contented to have a roof over their heads and a decent job. So they are thankful for small mercies and why rock the boat?

Do not be surprised also at the sheer numbers of those who have been conditioned to think that the PAP has made all things possible and is indispensible. So again, why take a gamble?

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