Keppel Club membership scam

Keppel Club membership scam

CrimeLibrarySingapore·2018-01-22 07:35

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Two people who played key roles in the Keppel Club membership scam were jailed yesterday for helping its mastermind sustain the $37.5 million fraud for years.

Former supervisor Nah Hak Chuah, 67, who was attached to the club's membership department, made false entries in the club's electronic database to enable non-existent memberships to be sold. He was sentenced to jail for three years.

Meanwhile, club member Ivy Cheo Soh Chin, 67, was jailed for 4½ years for acting as a money mule in the scheme.

Both followed the road map laid out by Setho Oi Lin alias Irene Setho, 70, the brains behind the scheme to sell 1,341 fake memberships to Singapore's oldest country club.

Setho started working at the club in 1966 as a general clerk and rose to become personal assistant to the general manager.

She was also in charge of membership matters, and started selling fake club memberships to buyers as early as 2004, when she was made an executive. She has pleaded guilty and is due to be sentenced on Feb 9.

The club stopped selling new memberships from 1996. Anyone wanting to become a member has to buy the membership from an existing member at a mutually agreed price.

The purchase price includes a fixed transfer fee of $12,840 and an account activation fee of $300 to $530, to be paid to the club.

After buyers' cheques or cashier's orders had been deposited, Cheo would withdraw the money in cash and hand it to Setho. Cheo received a cut of $500 to $1,000 for each transaction.

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