Rash riding on brake-less bike by Deliveroo rider causes 73-year-old man's death!

Rash riding on brake-less bike by Deliveroo rider causes 73-year-old man's death!

SG Gazette·2018-01-17 06:50

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He had removed the faulty front brakes just a week before the accident. Now, a case of rash riding by a Deliveroo delivery rider has caused the death of an elderly pedestrian.

In court on Tuesday (16 Jan), 19-year-old rider Khairul Hairuman admitted to causing the death of 73-year-old Tong Cheng Poh at Lorong Ah Soo on 13 April 2017. The traffic had been heavy at the time, and his view of the traffic light was blocked by a bus on the left lane just before the pedestrian crossing.

Khairul had thus wrongly believed the light had turned green and picked up speed as he neared the pedestrian crossing. Tong, who was making his way across the road slowly, was hit by the bicycle. He died from head injury the next day.

Upon inspection, the bike was found to have been unsuitable for use on roads or in public places. The rear brakes were never installed, and Khairul had removed the faulty front breaks before the accident.

According to Deputy Public Prosecutor Lee Zu Zhao, the bicycle would thus only have been able to break at very slow speeds. The rider would have had to put his right foot on the rear tyre of the bike to slow it down, which requires four to five seconds, he added.

Lee is asking for four months’ jail time.

Khairul, who opted for no lawyer, said that hat had the victim been in his 40s, he would have survived the accident.

The prosecution can make further submissions by 6 Feb 2018. The maximum penalty for causing death by a rash act is five years' jail and a $5,000 fine.

(Image Credit/s: Singsaver)

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