How long can your bak kwa last?

How long can your bak kwa last?

KopiTalk·2018-02-18 12:55

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Bak kwa seller tend to jack up their prices due to high demand during the CNY period. Have you ever wondered if it's possible to buy bak kwa in advance and keep it till CNY?

Wouldn't it be nice to buy bak kwa two months before CNY at a cheaper price and only eat it during CNY? Oh well, you are going to hate the advice from bak kwa experts..

Bak kwa does not have any preservations added hence, the consumption period is limited to only 7 days. You'll have to keep your bak kwa in the fridge if you're not planning on eating them immediately.

In order to prevent condensation and mould, it is best recommended to store your precious bak kwa in a cool and dry place without sunlight.

So here you go, the best consumption period for yummy bak kwa is 7 days but honestly, your bak kwa at home might not even last for 7 hours since everyone will be fighting for it.

(Image Credit/s: beechenghiang)

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