Jailed: Man who stalked married woman for 2 years until she quit her job to avoid him

Jailed: Man who stalked married woman for 2 years until she quit her job to avoid him

Coconuts Singapore·2018-01-18 12:11

One man’s stalker behavior across two years was so traumatizing that he caused his victim to quit her job just to avoid him. As such, he was sentenced to a 12-month jail term yesterday after admitting to four of six charges: unlawful stalking, breaching personal protection, causing hurt, and transmitting a false message.

R. Murliy already had a list of convictions that dated back to 1995, most of which he had committed while drunk, the court heard. The 51-year-old apparently began harassing the 43-year-old female, whose office was near his home in Dover Road, in June 2014, The Straits Times reported.

Some of his antics included calling her “hot” as she walked by a void deck on Jan 23, 2015.

After months of enduring his awful behavior, the woman threatened to lodge a police report if he would not stop his harassment. But needless to say, he did not listen.

Later that year on Oct 27, Murliy approached her table at a coffee shop — where she was seated with her teenage daughter — and spoke loudly in Tamil while gesturing at her. Both ladies ignored him, so he plopped himself down at a nearby table to sit and stare at his victim.

ST noted that he had also been to her office to ask about her. In Jan 2016, he appeared near her table while she was having breakfast with her colleagues and called her “Aishwarya Rai”, the name of an Indian model/actress.

A couple days later, when he spotted her donning shorts near her office, he told her that he did not appreciate seeing Indian women wearing that particular item of clothing.

Besides all that, Murliy also harassed her multiple times between Jan and Apr 2016, talking loudly and spewing vulgarities along the corridor outside her office to draw her attention.

On Feb 2 that year, he repeated his behavior five times before she finally alerted the police, ST said.

After tolerating him for two years, the victim was left shaken and traumatized. Paranoid about bumping into Murliy, she started taking different routes to work until she eventually left her job to escape from all the stress and anxiety he was causing her.

As for Murliy, his other cases included “whacking” a 13-year-old boy while drunk, punching his 71-year-old mother in the face and head while she was simply watching television at home — breaching her personal protection order against him for the eighth time — and making a nuisance 999 call to falsely report a murder at his block.

In light of all that, Murliy’s lawyer said he was remorseful and told the court he would not re-offend.

His sentence was backdated to Sept 6 last year.


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